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16 July 2024 in Latest news

Emergency Safeguarding Numbers Summer 2024

As the summer approaches we would like to assure you that, even though school will be closed, we will still be working to ensure that our students are safe and…
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At NCS our students are expected to dress smartly in the correct school uniform. We have the highest expectations regarding school uniform.


  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times and all buttons fully fastened.
  • Ties worn correctly.
  • Skirts must be pleated and knee length.
  • Trousers cannot be skinny fit and must be loose fitting on the legs.
  • Blazers are to be worn, unless permission is given to remove it.
  • The only jewellery allowed is a watch and one pair of stud earrings, please note: no face, body or other piercings are permitted.
  • Extremes of hairstyle, including unnatural colours or shaved sides, are not permitted.
  • Minimal makeup is allowed. If staff consider this to be excessive then students will be asked to remove it. Nail varnish and false/extension eyelashes are also forbidden. False, acrylic, or gel nails are also not allowed in school, for health and safety reasons.

Students must always bring the correct PE kit on PE days.

Compulsory items of uniform

  • Embroidered charcoal grey blazer
  • Burgundy and gold tie
  • White collared shirt or blouse
  • Tailored black trousers/knee-length pleated skirt only.
  • Black socks or black opaque tights when worn with skirts
  • Black shoes (not boots, canvas shoes, Vans, Converse or trainers) must be leather type, polishable (no suede), black and plain.

Compulsory items are available from The Schoolwear Centre, Nuneaton. You can:

Other stockists are available but items must adhere to our strict uniform policy.

Optional items only available from The Schoolwear Centre, Nuneaton:

  • Burgundy V Neck Acrylic Sweater
  • Burgundy Cardigan

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