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16 July 2024 in Latest news

Emergency Safeguarding Numbers Summer 2024

As the summer approaches we would like to assure you that, even though school will be closed, we will still be working to ensure that our students are safe and…
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The GST Curriculum

The Griffin Schools Trust (GST) is a family of primary and secondary schools in the Midlands and the South East of England. We are committed to providing an outstanding independent-style education for all students, predicated on breadth and excellence. All schools provide a rich programme of free extra-curricular activities, create an involving and stimulating physical environment and build a staff team of interesting people who are motivated to advance their own knowledge and skills as well as their pupils’ achievement.

GST schools do not teach young people to know their place, but rather to discover their talents and passions and to take their places in society, making a difference through leadership and service wherever their futures may take them.


The Year 11 Curriculum at Nicholas Chamberlaine School

Year 11 is, of course, the crucial year for students, culminating in national examinations. This is your child’s chance to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding, and how they can apply this, across all their subjects. Year 11 is one of the most exciting, challenging and important times in a child’s education. During this year the students will continue in their journey to achieving GCSE and/or BTEC qualifications that will act as a gateway to success for the rest of their lives and their teachers and tutors will be there to support them at every point.

Students should ensure they have:

  • Outstanding attendance and punctuality,
  • Engagement in lessons,
  • Enthusiasm for learning and a keenness to improve.



Each week students in year 10 study English Language, English Literature, Science, Maths, Citizenship and have core PE lessons. Specific to their options choices, they may also study:

  • Art
  • Beauty Business (Technology) BTEC
  • Business Studies
  • Computer Science
  • Cuisine (Technology)
  • Drama
  • Geography
  • History
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Physical Education BTEC
  • Product Innovation (Technology)
  • Religious Studies
  • Textiles (Technology)

Students in Year 11 also receive subject-specific lunch tutoring sessions to support their academic achievement.

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