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Features of Founders Day

By 8 March 2023March 10th, 2023No Comments

Our students have come together as a family to enjoy a full school assembly to reflect on our values and what it means to be a Griffin and, to tell our shared stories. This was led by our executive student leadership team Piper, Niamh and Izzy.

We started our day with a family breakfast in our dining hall to demonstrate our
commitment to hospitality and community.

Our students have carried out varies different community service/volunteering to connect with the wider local, national or international community to remind us all that GST schools exist for both individual opportunity and the common good, we shared the successes in our assembly.

Throughout this year we have carried out different fund raising activities, Fundraising that will support out local charities, Doorway and Impact.





Thank you to all that donated item to support Impact.
Our student leadership team will distribute these items this week.